Terms of Services

Since this service is only a demo service for our product Carrot Seed, all your data will be deleted regularly. Do not use this service for any other purpose than to test the functionality.

Using this todo app means accepting the terms

By accessing or using this app in any way, whether you have created your own ToDo app account or are simply browsing, you agree to the terms and conditions described in this document and are bound by them.

If you do not agree to all terms and conditions contained in this document, do not access this app.

This app is for demo purposes only.

Do not use this app in production. This app is only intended to showcase the capabilities of Carrot Seed. We don't provide support for the functionality of this app.We do not provide support for the functionality of this app. We delete the database on a regular basis, which means that your data is deleted on a regular basis.

This app is work in progress. We give no guarantee for this app.